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Making driving more sustainable

One thing we really need to start doing

To curb the climate crisis, one of the many things the world needs to start doing is drive on solar and wind energy. That’s where we come in.

Not only are we avoiding CO₂ emissions with every charging session, we’re also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our own business and value chain. Find more information on our efforts in our yearly and half yearly reports.

Every session makes a difference

One charging session at Fastned avoids on average 24 kg of CO₂. That’s equivalent to a lot of petrol that you did not burn while driving. Exactly how much petrol? Read on.

Sustainability reporting and compliance

In 2022, we began our sustainability reporting journey to provide more disclosure for our stakeholders. While our reporting capabilities are growing, we can already share important insights into our performance.

Supporting communities around us

We work with external partners that empower disadvantaged young people and adults to do meaningful work. We’ve also organised food and gently worn clothing drives, along with a charity bake sale and garbage clean ups as part of Fastned Gives Back, our employee led group for community initiatives.