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Autocharge, it’s automagic!

It’s hands down the easiest way to charge. No more swiping cards. Just plug in, and your car will charge automagically.

You plug in. Autocharge does the rest.

Autocharge makes ultra-rapid charging truly effortless. You simply drive up, plug in, and drive away again. No buttons to push; payment is fully automatic. 

We developed Autocharge so that all electric drivers could enjoy the same seamless charging experience. Once you’ve added your car details and activated Autocharge in the Fastned app, you’re good to go. Happy charging!

Activate as you charge

Activating Autocharge is super duper easy once you've set up your account in the Fastned app. If your car is compatible, the next time you use the app to start a charging session it will automagically give you the option to activate Autocharge. Simply confirm and Autocharge is activated.

Does my vehicle support Autocharge?

Most vehicles do, however not all of them. Luckily, we’ve made a list of all the compatible vehicles. Find them here.

Combine with your charge card

1. Download the Fastned app
2. Complete your account
3. Add charge card or bank details
4. Activate Autocharge
5. Be pleased with yourself
6. Done!

Know for sure that it’s charging

A sweet feature of the Fastned app is that it notifies you when your battery is charging, and when it's full. No need to keep an eye on your dashboard, just enjoy the extra free time. Call up a friend, catch up on the news, stretch your legs. We’ll do the monitoring so you don’t have to.

How ultra-rapid charging became truly hassle free

Read our white paper to learn how Fastned made fully automatic charging available to all electric drivers.

Your car secrets are safe with us

We take data privacy very seriously and follow all GDPR guidelines to keep your information safe. To learn how we protect information like a vehicle’s MAC address and how we can guarantee the highest data protection level for all our customers, read our white paper.