Become a location partner

Becoming a partner in the transition to electric driving makes a lot of sense. Especially business sense. Explore the benefits of being a Fastned location partner.

Let's build benefits

We’ve been building and operating our network of nature inspired fast charging stations since 2012. In that time, Fastned has grown exponentially yet we’ve maintained our award winning level of reliability and service.

With the fast charging market in full development, now is a great time to consider becoming a Fastned location partner. We are keen to talk to private landowners, retail businesses, project developers, and local councils about developing locations and building benefits for everyone.

Help us find our next location

Quality sites are usually in busy urban centres or just off major highway junctions. “Destination" locations with good levels of traffic are also relevant. When considering locations to develop a Fastned station, we always check it if meets our standard requirements. 

Do you have a location in mind? Check our standard requirements list to see if your location matches our needs.

A station for every location

Thanks to our modular design concept, we can build site specific stations. Explore our three main station models and see which type fits your location.

We’re looking for land

If you own private land along a high traffic route, and are looking for a future proof, sustainable use with a great financial return, look no further than Fastned.

Retail and Food opportunities

By bringing in fast charging to your location, you will have more visitors with time on their hands but nothing in them yet. We smell an opportunity.

Increase the yield of your development

Partnering with Fastned is a great way to increase yield while boosting the sustainability profile of your development project as well as attracting other businesses.

Future proof your community

Stimulate sustainable behaviour in your community by bringing in a Fastned station. Our nature inspired stations are accessible to all types of electric vehicles and run on 100% renewable energy.