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Corporate Governance

Fastned is driven by a clear mission: to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.

Fast Administratie Stichting

The importance of our mission is reflected in the company’s governance. When the company was set up, the founders not only embodied our mission in the company’s statutory goals, to highlight its importance and ensure that the company will always follow its mission, the founders also set up the Fast Administratie Stichting (FAST), a foundation that has the purpose of protecting Fastned’s mission.

FAST holds all shares of Fastned B.V. (including the ones held by the founders and other major shareholders) and issues depository receipts (DRs) for these shares to investors. These DR holders benefit from the economic rights of these shares but do not have the voting rights associated with them. The voting rights are vested in FAST which exercises these rights independently of Fastned. 

FAST’s voting policy is guided by Fastned’s statutory goals. This way, FAST supports Fastned in achieving its mission. This mission driven governance model goes beyond safeguarding the interests of the depositary receipt holders.

FAST acts as a trust office and exercises the rights attached to the shares. FAST fulfills this right to ensure that the mission of the company, the continuity of the company and that of the business connected with it, are optimally protected. While doing so, FAST always takes into account the legitimate interests of all stakeholders: customers, employees, depositary receipt holders, society at large and the environment.

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