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FAQ - General

Can my vehicle charge at Fastned?

You can charge at Fastned with a fully electric vehicle which uses an AC, CCS or CHAdeMO connector.

The most used fast charging vehicles are added in the app and the website. Some slower charging or very new vehicles have not yet been added. 

Please note: Most plug-in hybrids do not support fast charging.

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Which stations are currently closed?

Due to maintenance work on motorways or directly at our station, a service area or Fastned station may not be accessible.

Use the Fastned app to see all closed stations in real time.

FAQ - Charging

How can I start my charge session?

Starting a charge session is easy! Follow these steps in order to start charging:

  1. Activate the charger using the Fastned app, a charge card or another payment method.
  2. Connect the charger to your vehicle.
  3. Wait until the charger and the vehicle have established a proper connection. This may take 60 seconds.

Are you experiencing issues? Try the following solution:

  • Disconnect the charger from the vehicle and wait 10 sec.
  • Ensure the charger is responsive by pressing a button
  • Ensure your vehicle is turned off and in park
  • Start the session (via the charger screen or the Fastned app)
  • Connect the charger to your vehicle (Not sure which connector to use? Check out our vehicle tips in the Fastned app)

Still not charging? Try a different charger on this station.

In case of ongoing issues, contact our Customer Support team via the phone number on the charger.

How can I remove the connector from my vehicle?

Make sure the charge session has ended. Then remove the connector from the car and place it back in the connector holder.

In some cases, the vehicle does not let go of the connector. Here are some tips and tricks.


  • Make sure the charge session has ended
  • Unlock the vehicle with your key
  • Push the connector back into the car and try unlocking the charge port again (Yes, we know, it is already in the car - Just give it a try 😉).
  • You might need to try this several times. In some cases, the connector cannot be unlocked due to the cable's weight. This may block the locking mechanism of the vehicle. It helps if you support the connector while unlocking the vehicle with the keys.
  • Check out the vehicle page in the Fastned app. 

Still having issues? You may need direct assistance from the manufacturer of the car.


  • Make sure the charge session has ended
  • Press the button or move the slider on the connector to unlock the CHAdeMO connector.

Still having issues, even after you tried more than once? Then please contact our Customer Support. Scroll down to find our phone number.


  • Make sure the charge session has ended
  • Unlock the vehicle with your keys
Which charger should I use?

Every vehicle has a maximum charge speed.

You can use any available charger if the charger has the right connector for your vehicle. However, please note that your maximum charge speed is defined by your vehicle. If your vehicle's maximum speed is 130 kW, you will charge at most 130 kW, even on a charger able to deliver 400 kW.

How many vehicles can charge at one charger?

Many of our chargers can charge two vehicles at the same time. This will be easily visible as two parking spots will share the same charger. In this case, on some occasions, your charge speed might be reduced as power is shared between two vehicles.

How long can I stay parked after my charging session is finished?

To ensure that everyone can access the chargers and charge as quickly as possible, we kindly ask that you limit your parking time while charging.

How can I get a receipt for my charge session started via the payment terminal?

Go to to download the receipt for your charge session. This only works for payments made through the payment terminal on the charger.

It's essential to fill in the exact cost down to the cent of the session to find your unique session.

Please contact our Customer Support team, if you need help to find the receipt. Scroll down to get in touch with us.

FAQ - Account

How can I see my invoices?

You can find an overview of your invoices in the Fastned app in the Profile menu.

If you use a bank account or credit card as your default payment method, we will bill you once every calendar month for all your charge sessions and/or membership fees. You will receive a monthly invoice at the beginning of each month.

To update the details on your invoice, please please open the Fastned app and go to Profile > My settings > Company details for invoicing.

Where can I find my charge history?

You can find an overview of your charge sessions in the profile menu of the Fastned app.

How can I change the phone number registered to your Fastned account?

To change the phone number registered to your Fastned account, please call Customer Support during office hours (Monday – Friday between 09:00 – 17:00).

How can I change the password of to my Fastned account?

You can change your password in the Fastned app by going to Profile > My settings > Change password

If you forgot your current password, log out of your account and click on “Forgot Password?” to reset it.

How can I delete my Fastned account?

To delete your Fastned account, open the Fastned app and go to Profile > My settings > Delete account. Please note: Your account cannot be deleted if you have an outstanding balance.

How can I manage users in my Fastned account?

A user can use payment methods and Autocharge but not see or change details in the account. 

The admin can add, delete or update the rights of additional users in the profile menu of the Fastned app under 'My settings - user.'

New users will receive a text message with a temporary password to log in.

Note if you see this error message:

"Whoops, this phone number has already been registered or has expired due to inactivity. Do you want to log in with this number instead?" → This user most likely already has their own Fastned account. You can ask them to log in or contact support to close the account.

How can I unsubscribe from mailings?

We only send emails which you actively signed up for. You can, of course, unsubscribe from these emails at any time

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter directly in the email you receive. 

Please note that it can take up to 48 hours until you are removed from our mailing list. You will still receive important account information (e.g. password reset, payment method changed).

How can I use my charge credit?

Charge credit is an amount added to your Fastned account and is automatically used to settle your monthly invoice. This will be visible on the invoice.

If you have charge credit in your account, you can see the remaining balance in the Fastned app via Profile > My credit.

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