Connect your forecourt to the electric economy 

Benefit from retail opportunities, a stable income and early access to limited grid connections by transforming your petrol pump into a Fastned charging station. Apply for our Clean Start offer today and let us pay for the clean up.

A clean start and a £250,000 advantage

The electric economy is growing fast and there’s still time to own a piece of it. If you move now. With our limited time Clean Start offer we’ll cover the costs, of up to £250,000, to clean  up your site and transform it into a Fastned charging hub. As a Fastned partner you will benefit from:

New retail opportunities

A stable rent income and a cut of the revenue

Securing limited grid connections

Let your sales benefit from 15 minute charge times

Keep your canopy or go for the full makeover

You control how big the makeover will be; a total transformation that includes our iconic solar powered canopy or, for instance,  replace the petrol pumps with chargers and we’ll reuse your canopy after remediating the soil. Sustainable choices are important to us, so if there’s no good reason to tear down a perfectly good canopy, we won’t. Have a look at our nature inspired stations designs below. They come in three different types: our original drive through station, the parking station and the most space efficient one, the urban station.

Drive through station

Parking station

Urban station

The future is electric. And it’s already here.

Market share of EVs is set to increase

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' (SMMT) predicts that by 2025  fully electric vehicles will account for 26% of the car market. This is due to a 28% increase from 2024 in the amount of EVs sold.

Yearly growth in EVs is put into law

By 2035 100% of cars sold will be electric. This has been put into law by the UK government and sets out incremental yearly targets. So by the end of 2024 22% of all cars sold will be electric increasing to 80% by 2030.

We’re committed to building an electric future

Fastned is committed to delivering 1000 ultra-rapid charging stations by 2030, building a reliable and easy to use ultra-rapid charging network across the UK and Europe.

Get on board the electric revolution today and take the opportunity to build a cleaner, greener station for your community and the climate. With up to £250,000 you won’t just have your remediation costs covered, but benefit from our decade long experience in ultra-rapid charging.”

Tom Hurst

UK Country Manager

Does your site meet requirements?

To meet the requirements for our Clean Start offer, you must:

Own a petrol station in the UK or Ireland and be able to lease the land to us.

Initially cover the costs to deep clean your site.

Have a site in a high traffic, convenient and accessible location for EV drivers, which meets our location criteria.


Read the terms and conditions for more details

Apply for our Clean Start offer today