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Come join our electric mission

Like any healthy teenager, we’re growing fast and we may just have the job for you. Check out our career page or stay and read what it's like to work at Fastned.

40 nationalities. 24 languages. One culture.

Fastned is more than a business. We’re a community of passionate and diverse individuals united in our pursuit of a climate and people friendly future. By joining Fastned, you join our mission to accelerate the transition to electric driving while fostering an environment of inclusivity and cooperation. Together, we’re building a sustainable world, one nature inspired fast charging station at a time. If that sounds like the team you’d want to be part of, then check out our job openings.

What it’s like to work here

We think like builders

A lot of what we build and do hasn’t been built or done before. We’re able to pull that off because everyone understands what we’re trying to build collectively but still thinks for themselves. Plus, we like to keep things moving. If it’s perfect at the first try, great! If not, also fine. We’ll figure out how to make it better.

No Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Fastned is striking its own path and we’re asking everyone to stay curious and to never stop exploring. No fundamental problem was ever solved by thinking inside the box.

We work with conviction and courage

Being the first in any field takes courage and conviction. In our case, it really helps that you’re surrounded by kind and caring mammals who share your goal and your pioneering spirit.

Open feedback culture

We’re growing together within an open and friendly environment. If you’ve been here since the beginning or if this is your first day on the team, you’re helping others grow and you’re learning yourself. If you don’t understand something or it doesn’t feel right, say it. Asking for and embracing feedback is essential to our culture.

50-50 wisecrack to work ratio

What can we say, we like a good bad joke. 50-50 is obviously overdoing it, but we devote a serious amount of time to not taking ourselves too seriously. Starting a revolution is hard enough as it is, so why not give ourselves time to play and stay sane in this crazy world. Does it help that we keep flexible working hours and believe in a good work life balance?  Do dolphins giggle?

The bar is high but we’ve got a trampoline

Every day, we’re aiming for extraordinary. We’re dreaming out loud about how we can create that thrilling moment of connection between us and our customers. We say ‘yes’ a lot, so that we create a space where your original thinking can surprise even you. That trampoline shooting you upward is actually all of us; it’s the culture we foster and share.

Fastned Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Electric Pride
  • Our ERG for LGBTQ+ employees
  • Helping Fastned stay a super inclusive employer
  • Promoting awareness of LGBTQ+ topics
  • Being safe & fun place to meet other LGBTQ+ members
  • Giving back to society through charity initiatives
Electric Women
  • Our ERG for women
  • Equality: ensuring representation and fair pay for all women at Fastned
  • Open dialogue: creating safe space for discussion on gender related issues
  • Inclusive policies: advocating safety and inclusivity in workplace
Electric Minds
  • An ERG for people who are neurodivergent
  • Supporting neurodivergent colleagues
  • Advocating needs of neurodivergent colleagues
  • Helping Fastned to leverage neurodiversity as an asset

Benefits at Fastned

Participate in stock options program

Annual personal development budget

Access to our fleet of electric cars

Universal secondary benefits

  • Participation in the company stock options program, allowing you to partake in the value we create together;
  • Annual personal development budget of €3,000 per employee, because development and training are important to us and our sector offers endless opportunities;
  • Full access to our electric vehicle fleet with all charging expenses covered;
  • The opportunity to work from any of our European offices with reimbursement for work related travel expenses;
  • Commuting allowance;
  • Daily vegetarian lunch, snacks & drinks provided at our office locations;
  • Laptop and phone of your choice along with an EU wide phone plan;
  • Next to fun events year round, we throw spectacular Christmas parties and organise an amazing yearly trip abroad with all employees.

    For additional local secondary benefits check out our vacancies in the country you would like to work in.

Our Offices

You can find Fastned offices in eight European countries, and counting. Our founding office is located in Amsterdam.

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