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A story or two about fast charging

This page is your source for wide ranging as well as in depth reading on fast charging and the larger world of EV driving.

Everything you always wanted to know about fast charging

What is fast charging? How does it work? How fast can it really get? Our charging expert Luc Bronk wrote an introduction to answer these questions.

Fastned gives back

We want to support our communities in other ways than fast charging. Read how Fastned Gives Back, our employee led community initiative, has us rolling up our sleeves.

Confessions of a petroholic

Many drivers are very attached to their old petrol cars and the memories they carry with them. So attached, in fact, that they find it hard to switch to a modern EV. Here are their confessions.

How we make sure you always charge green at Fastned

The electricity used to charge at our stations is 100% from renewable sources. That means it comes from renewable sources. The roofs of our stations consist of solar panels that generate electricity, and we also use locally generated electricity from wind and solar farms as much as possible.