Fast charging, the Fastned way

Find charging instructions, pricing, payment methods, charging speeds, and more.

Charging instructions

You’re at the station. You’ve parked your car. Here’s what you do next.

Unlock carefree charging now

The powerful map in the Fastned App makes electric driving truly carefree. Drive anywhere in Europe and always find the nearest charging location - including non-Fastned charging spots. Bye bye range anxiety!

Autocharge, it’s automagic!

Hands down the easiest way to charge

Autocharge is the closest thing to hands free charging. No more swiping cards. Just plug in, and your car will charge automagically. Discover Autocharge through the Fastned app.

What charge speed to expect

Most batteries don't charge in a straight line, and temperature has an effect too. Understand how your vehicle charges by downloading the app.

Become a Gold Member

If you drive more than 250 km or charge more than 58 kWh per month - then you'll love our Gold Membership. It’s a great way to save on charging. Activate in the app.