The start of a beautiful partnership

Make the most out of the exciting opportunities that fast charging brings to your property or business.

Let’s grow places

Bringing in a Fastned fast charging station to your location offers a number of advantages for landowners, food and retail businesses, municipalities and property developers.

Private land, ahoy!

If you own private land along a high traffic route, and are looking for a sustainable use with a great return, look no further than Fastned.

Become a business partner

If you're a fleet manager, charge card provider, or if you’re looking to advertise at our stations, there are plenty of options to explore.

Investor relations

Learn more about our growth strategy and explore investment options. Follow the link below to view our financial reports, issue documentation, and register for your personal Fastned account.

Sustainability and community impact

We’re avoiding CO₂ emissions with every charge. 40,750 tonnes of emissions in 2022 alone. But we’re driving sustainability in other ways too.

About Fastned

Since 2012, we’ve been pioneering fast charging out of an earth sized love for electric driving. Because, let’s face it, society and planet are facing an unprecedented challenge in the form of climate change. Creating the fast charging infrastructure to speed up the transition to electric mobility is our way of accepting that challenge.

Inspired by nature

Nature provides the essential blueprint for our station design, the materials to build it and the beautiful landscapes around it. Explore how our Solar Trees enhance the fast charging experience.