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EV drivers love us

We’re so reliable, fast and friendly that drivers send us thank you cards from their electric holiday destinations. Just saying.

Connect your charge card with our network

In all seriousness, connecting your charge card with our fast charging network makes a lot of sense. We have one of the largest and fastest growing charging networks in Europe. We’re 10% more reliable than the next 5 performing CPOs. Our customer service continues to get top marks, and our pricing is transparent, simple and predictable. We provide 100% renewable energy from the sun and wind, and we’re not affiliated in any way with oil majors. That’s a lot of reasons for just one paragraph.

The quality every EV driver deserves

Reliable 99% uptime

Electric drivers’ primary needs when it comes to charging are reliability and accessibility, so we’ve made those our top priorities. As a result, Fastned is 10% more reliable than the next top 5 performing CPOs. This is reflected in our strong NPS and Google Maps scores. We’ve also won awards for best charging network in the Netherlands and the UK. Following this commitment to quality, in 2023 we started development of our advanced inhouse analytics tool, Mario. It learns from past charger and component failures in our network to detect errors in real time, enabling our team to respond instantly. Mario is just the latest benefit that you, as a charge card provider, can expect from us.

Transparent, simple and predictable pricing

Since its founding, Fastned has been a relentless advocate for a simple pricing structure that’s both transparent and predictable. For us, this means charging a simple kWh based price that’s most fair to all EV drivers. Fastned also communicates its tariff in a transparent way, EV drivers can easily find it displayed on the screen of every Fastned charger, on our infotainment screen at the station, on the Fastned App and website. Our price is always communicated before the start of every session, so there’s no hidden cost and unexpected surprises after the charge session. Currently, we have one uniform tariff per country, no matter if EV drivers charge with us on the motorway or in the city center.

All EVs welcome

All your card users will be able to fast charge at our stations. All our chargers offer both CCS and CHAdeMo connections, and our app and website offer detailed charging information for most EV models, so that drivers know exactly what charge speed to expect. Two more advantages of Fastned stations are their locations along high traffic roads - ideal for commuters - and our disability friendly station design. Perhaps our biggest draw for EV drivers is our drive through concept, where drivers experience one smooth charging and driving motion with the least amount of waiting time. They simply roll up, charge up, and get on with their day.

Join our rapidly growing network

From the Côte d'Azur to the coast of Scotland







Coming to you or already there

We’re active in 8 countries with over 300 locations and 1,800 chargers. And with more stations scheduled to be built, our coverage will continue to improve. Connecting your charge card with our network offers your users the peace of mind that they can always find a convenient and fast way to charge.

Contact our Business Team

For business enquiries

Please contact our Business Team at the number or email address. We’d love to discuss opportunities.

Location questions

If you’d like to explore the different station types we build and operate, or what location requirements are, please follow the link below.