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The most powerful charging app yet

Unlock your extraordinary charging experience with the Fastned app.

Find your way to all charging locations

The powerful map in the Fastned app makes electric driving truly carefree. 
Always find the nearest charging location anywhere in Europe - from Fastned and other providers - and know exactly what charging speed to expect at every stop. You can even check charger availability for Fastned stations. Did we mention it exports straight to your navigation app? Bye bye range anxiety!

Features you will love

Find all charging locations from all providers

Juicy details like charger availability and speed

Forget swiping cards - one tap digital payment

Autocharge, it’s automagic!

It’s hands down the easiest way to charge. No more swiping cards. Just plug in, and your car will charge automagically. Activate in the app.

All you do is drive there

The Fastned app supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Down to the minute trip planning

Experience complete peace of mind with our detailed route planner. Know exactly where to charge along your route, how long to drive between stops, what the charge speed is at every location, get detailed charging instructions, and more. It’s the fastest guide to anywhere.

Know for sure that it’s charging

A key benefit of the Fastned app is that you can start a charging session from the app and then follow the progress. That way you know exactly if your car is charging, when it’s halfway, and when it’s done.

Why is my charge speed different from what I expected?

We hear you! It’s because most batteries don't charge in a straight line but follow a charge curve instead. Temperature also affects your charging speed, so preheating your battery in cold weather is a good idea.

As a rule of thumb, charging is fastest between 20-80% battery state. So, head to a Fastned station when your battery hits 20% and continue your trip when it's at 80%.

Become a Gold Member

If you drive and charge regularly - more than 250 km or 58 kWh per month - then you will love our Gold Membership. It’s a great way to save on charging.