About Fastned

Since 2012, we’ve been pioneering fast charging out of an earth sized love for electric driving.

Our mission and goals

Society is facing an unprecedented challenge in climate change. Creating the fast charging infrastructure to speed up the transition to electric mobility is our way of accepting that challenge.

How it all started

Like all good stories, the tale of Fastned can’t be told in a single paragraph. Safe to say that it starts 2012ish and involves two audacious entrepreneurs with a shared belief in electric progress.

Why they feel like trees

The story of our Solar Trees

In the smelly, metallic world of service stations, we wanted Fastned stations to feel like a breath of fresh air. So, we took notes from Mother Nature.

Sustainability and social impact

We’re avoiding CO₂ emissions with every charge. 96.100 tonnes of emissions in 2023 alone. But we’re driving sustainability in other ways too.

Work with us

Like any healthy teenager, we’re growing fast.
If you’re ready for a career with purpose in an electrifying community of professionals, we might have the job for you.