Fastned concludes first Power Purchase Agreement with GLP Clean Energy

Fastned, the European fast charging company, concludes its first multi-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) in the Netherlands with GLP, a leading global business builder, owner, developer and operator of logistics real estate, data centres, renewable energy, and related technologies, with Ecorus and Scholt Energy. Fastned will purchase power generated by the solar panels on the roof of GLP's distribution center in Zevenaar, Gelderland, for a fixed price. The solar park is one of the largest solar parks in Europe, with a size of 16 football fields. It supplies 15 GWh of electricity annually to Fastned, which is used to charge electric vehicles at Dutch fast charging stations. The agreement supports Fastned's policy to have stable pricing.

The power generated by the solar panels during the day can be used directly at Fastned's fast charging stations, which see a lot of charging during the day. Michiel Langezaal, co-founder and CEO of Fastned: ”For Fastned, it is important that we can provide our customers with sufficient sustainably generated power at a stable price today and in the future. As the number of electric vehicles on the road grows, so does the demand for fast charging. This agreement helps to bring supply and demand together. This long-term agreement assures the solar park developer of the purchase of all generated power. This, in turn, enables them to develop new sustainable energy projects. This partnership contributes to a more sustainable future and helps us accelerate the transition to electric driving.”

Fastned guarantees that 100% of the energy sold at its stations comes from renewable sources in the form of solar and wind power. Fastned purchases Guarantees of Origin (GOs) during the year for energy generated from solar and wind. At the end of the year, it checks whether these guarantees match the total energy consumption and, if necessary, purchases additional Guarantees of Origin.

Stefano Fissolo, Senior Director of GLP Clean Energy for Europe, said: “With this agreement, we are thrilled to support Fastned’s mission to accelerate the mobility transition providing clean energy to their customers. The power of the rooftop PV project at G-Park Zevenaar is three times sustainable: it comes from the sun, it does not occupy farmland, and it protects Fastned and its customers from the volatility of energy prices. This transaction follows our recent PPA announcements in the Netherlands and Spain, further building on our clean energy initiative and, in particular, our PV program on rooftops of logistics buildings.”

Michiel van der Steen, Senior Energy Transition Specialist at Scholt Energy: “Scholt Energy is the link between producer and customer and takes care of the entire handling of the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement between GLP and Fastned. We ensure that the production profile of the PV system, which converts sunlight into energy, fits into Fastned's purchase profile every 15 minutes, including the associated Guarantees of Origin. Fastned can thus prove that it is buying the generated electricity directly. Scholt Energy handles the invoicing for both parties.”

"We take great pride in contributing in this collaboration with Fastned and GLP," says Mike Dusseldorp, Head of PPA and Energy Markets at Ecorus. "The innovative design of the PV system in Zevenaar not only increased energy output but also reduced operational costs, benefiting both GLP and Fastned. Our unique position as the builder of GLP's Zevenaar project and our experience with PPA enabled us to effectively contribute to the process and progress. For Fastned and GLP, new to CPPAs, this marks a significant step towards the future."


About Fastned

Fastned is on a mission to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of European charging infrastructure development, building and operating a rapidly growing network of iconic fast charging stations. Our yellow, nature inspired stations create a welcoming environment for drivers during the 10-15 minutes it takes to charge up to 300 km of range. By offering Europe’s most reliable, convenient and joyful charging experience, we aim to inspire millions to drive on solar and wind energy so that together we can curb climate change. Fastned is listed at Euronext Amsterdam (AMS: FAST).