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Community engagement

What we’re doing to support those around us.

Supporting the communities around us

Rolling out Fastned Gives Back

Over the past years, we've organised several charitable events across our offices, like food and gently worn clothing drives. They were part of Fastned Gives Back, our employee led group that provides neighbourhood volunteering across all Fastned offices. Every quarter, the group organises initiatives like food and clothing drives, garbage clean up days and volunteering opportunities. These drives have benefited local non profit organisations like De Voedselbank Amsterdam, De Voedselbank Diemen and the Hackney Food Bank in London. 

The group also organised a Valentine's Day charity bake sale at the Amsterdam office to benefit victims of the catastrophic earthquake that took place in central Turkey and northern and western Syria on February 6th, 2023. The group raised and donated a total of 780 euros to Giro555, and Fastned matched the donation. Giro555 is a Dutch charitable organisation that takes part in disaster relief missions around the world.

Closing the distance

We give meaningful work opportunities to young people with a distance to the labour market. For several years at our Dutch office, we have collaborated with Pluryn and Pameijer, two Dutch organisations that support vulnerable and disabled young people and adults. These organisations send groups of people to clean and maintain our stations across the country on a regular basis, providing them with work experience.