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Fast charging for every location

With our own design team of experienced architects, we are able to develop a charging station for nearly every site. And because we’re never done innovating, we develop each new site with the latest chargers.

We’ll take care of everything

A streamlined delivery process

From drawing up contracts, to applying for permits and the actual construction, we have years of experience in delivering our fast charging stations smoothly and with the least amount of effort required from the landowner.

Drive through

Our iconic and award winning drive through station represents the future of fast charging. Because it’s designed as a drive through station with spacious entry and exit lanes, customers easily roll up next to the chargers, charge and then smoothly drive away again. This station type caters to all types of vehicles and is particularly suited along highways and arterial roads.


Location requirements

  • Near motorway exits (under 3 minutes from exit)
  • Along major arterial roads with >30,000 cars per day
  • Direct access from the main road

Plot size

  • From ~ 1.250 m² to ~ 3.500 m²

Parking station

We’ve created a space saving station for fast charging nearby or on an existing parking lot, while maintaining our excellent user experience. The charging bays are long and wide enough for all car types to easily access the chargers, and for drivers to move around in comfort. The back-to-back configuration also caters to longer vehicles such as caravans or trailers.


Location requirements

  • Near motorway exits, or as part of an existing parking lot
  • Along major arterial roads where no direct road connection is possible
  • Urban locations with high traffic


Plot size

  • From 12 parkings spots in case of existing parking layout
  • From ~ 600 m², depending on access

Urban station

The perfect fast charging stations for city centers. Our urban station blends seamlessly into the surroundings while conforming to stricter building regulations. There are two different configurations: one where our iconic trees are placed between parking spots, and one where they stand at the top end of each parking spot. The clearly visible solar trees and ground markings prevent use by combustion vehicles.


Location requirements

  • In high traffic commercial areas
  • Near motorway exits, as part of an existing parking layout 
  • Along major arterial roads with complicated building regulations
  • Urban locations with high traffic


Plot size

  • From ~ 12 parkings spots in case of existing parking spots
  • From ~ 500 m², depending on access

Benefits for the lessor

No investment needed from the lessor.

Increasing visitors to your location.

Additional income every year based on a fixed rent (per m²) and/or revenue contribution per kWh sold.

• Meeting ESG criteria.

Standard requirements for all station models

  • Average daily traffic volume: >25,000 vehicles per day for main arterial roads,  or >60,000 for a motorway exit.
  • Visibility: All potential locations should be clearly visible from the reference road (either motorway or arterial road)
  • Ideally our locations are within 2-3 minutes walking distance for amenities, such as food and beverages, and toilet facilities. On our large developments we consider the placement of our own dedicated toilet facilities with coffee and food vending. This is depending upon available space and technical conditions.
  • 24/7 public charging.
  • We’re looking for plots of land with a 20 year lease with the option to purchase. Direct purchase is also possible.
  • Fastned takes care of the entire process, including permits, power connections, construction and finally operation of the site.

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Nature inspired fast charging

Explore how our nature inspired fast charging stations become part of the community they serve, by encouraging visitors to connect with their surroundings and with each other.