Confessions of a Petroholic

Let’s speak about petrol on World EV Day.

What’s new: electric vehicles now have a day to call their own. September 29th is here to celebrate the transition to electric mobility with World EV Day. What’s not so new: there are many “Petrolheads” still out there. Unsurprisingly, many people are simply so attached to their old petrol cars and the memories they bring, it’s hard to switch to a modern EV. 


Miles Dawson is one of them. Although a young 24 year-old who wears a smartwatch and uses the most modern tech to be on all social media platforms, Miles still is a traditionalist when it comes to the car he drives. There are so many stories around this car he just cannot get past. Also filling up his tank is such a normal thing to do, Miles cannot picture it differently. But today, on this very special day, a drop of consciousness reaches Miles’ mind. Could his stubbornness change? 


In the “Confessions of a Petroholic” mini podcast series you can follow Miles’ journey to maybe switching to electric. While still with many doubts and uncertainties about electric cars, Miles spoke with EV industry trailblazers who, guess what, also have previously owned a petrol car! So they know how difficult it is to quit. Or was it maybe easier than Miles could think? Listen to our podcast to find out. It’s a not so serious take on a serious topic that we hope will inspire anyone driving a petrol car today to switch to electric tomorrow (or the day after). 


Starting today, one episode of Miles’ journey every Friday wherever you listen to podcasts or on YouTube. Special guest appearances include Robin Schmid from Robin TV, Robert Llewellyn from the Fully Charged Show, Ellen Hiep from the Association of Dutch EV drivers, journalist Kenneth Dee and content creator Lars Goossens.


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