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Let’s grow places

If you own private land along a high traffic route, and are looking for a sustainable use with a great financial return without any investment from yourself, look no further than Fastned.

General benefits

20+ years of security
Choose fixed, turnover based or index based income.

No development cost
You get the perks, we cover the bill.

Join the market leader
Partner with Europe’s leading fast charging network.

A station for every location

Thanks to our modular design concept, we always build site specific stations. Explore our three main station models and see which type fits your location.

Standard requirements for Fastned stations


Close to motorway exits: routing time up to approx. 3 minutes, or on highly frequented main traffic arteries, or in high frequency commercial areas or urban areas.

Traffic volume

Daily average >25,000 vehicles on main roads or >60,000 at motorway exits. Note that these figures vary depending on the country.

Points of interest

If possible, the location should have amenities within a short walking distance or space for us to bring them in.

Plot size

A plot is suitable from 500 m² to ideally 3.500 m² or bigger for our drive through concept.

About Fastned

Since 2012, we’ve been at the forefront of European charging infrastructure development, building and operating a rapidly growing network of iconic fast charging stations. 2022 marked the tenth year of growth for our company as our operations have expanded into key European markets. Our successful location strategy and focus on customer satisfaction are two key factors contributing to our continued success. 
Bringing in a Fastned station to your location is a financially attractive way to contribute  to a more sustainable future for driving, both in your community and society at large.

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